Challenge driven innovation stimulating new enterprise and endeavour, to find solutions to some of the most difficult challenges we face.

challenge prizes mission

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Never have we faced so many challenges that we have never been better equipped to resolve.

Meeting challenges demands innovation and innovation demands releasing the potential of the brightest minds. We develop challenge prizes that excite and engage these minds to solve problems so that solutions are better and faster, pushing frontiers and advancing society.

In the Challenge Prize Centre at Nesta we are experts and pioneers in challenge driven innovation.

  • We unwrap problems to establish whether a challenge prize is the right mechanism.
  • We research the problem to understand how to best design the challenge.
  • We tailor prizes so that they are optimal in finding, testing and rewarding innovations that can impact on the major issues affecting our lives.
  • We can design and deliver, or support and build capacity. We always partner and collaborate, and whatever we do we only run prizes we know will work.

challenge prizes mission

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