New Frontiers

It is fascinating to imagine what the future will bring, and discoveries in science and technology continue to change the way we live our daily lives. We find areas of latent potential where the benefits to us are real and clear.

New Frontiers challenge prize


Our focus…

The bulk of the Centre’s work focuses on concrete problems that are here with us today. But some of the most important new ideas are more speculative, in new areas where the potential for social impact is clear, but the form it will take is not.

…is on the future.

The latest addition to our portfolio is about understanding and identifying these long-term technological and social issues, speculating about future developments, and promoting innovative solutions that help make the most of the future.

challenge prize diagram

challenge prize diagram

Cutting-edge science and tech…

In this work, we are interested in cutting-edge themes in science and technology, such as quantum communication, quantum computing, synthetic biology and exobiology.

…to drive social change.

We reject outdated notions that scientific and technological change alone drive social change. But new technology can serve society’s needs, and if understood correctly and governed responsibly, can be a powerful force for good in the world.

challenge prize diagram