Global Health

Good health is vital for people to fulfil their potential, and we believe people should be active players in coming up with solutions to tackle the world’s most pressing health challenges.

Global Health

Explore the prizes we run in this area

Longitude Prize

Prize fund:
£8 million
Live Challenge

Surgical Equity Prize

Prize fund:
Future Challenge

We also target health in our other areas of work, including the UK-wide Inclusive Technology Prize and the European Active and Assisted Living Prize

challenge prize health diagram

International outlook

Global health focuses on improving public and international health. This can include the health of populations as a whole, as opposed to individual citizens, often with an approach towards prevention rather than treatment. It can also include health overseas, with a historic focus on infectious and tropical diseases in the developing world.

NGOs, governments and the academic sector also work around policies and advocacy to improve access to basic health needs, like clean water, food, medicine and treatments.

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