What if waste food could solve the problem of food waste?

Written on 27 September 2016

We want to rethink the food production and processing system so that less food is wasted – and so that waste protein can contribute to feeding humanity.

We are hosting a forum to bring together people who work with food – entrepreneurs, food technologists, policymakers, chefs, farmers and more – to envision scenarios for how we can recycle waste food more effectively. And instead of sending it to landfill, valuable protein gets reused in nourishing, environmentally sustainable and culturally appropriate food that people want to eat.

At the event, participants will:

  • Explore the key trends affecting the reuse of proteins in human diets
  • Imagine how the use of recycled protein could be socially accepted in the future in order to meet the challenge of feeding the world
  • Envision scenarios in which ‘second life’ protein feeds hungry people rather than going to waste
  • Listen to provocations from experts in the field including Mark Driscoll, Head of Food at Forum for the Future.

If you would like to attend, please register your interest with [email protected].


Wednesday 19 October 2016, 11.30-5pm followed by reception


1 Plough place, London, EC4A 1DE


11.00 Open door for registration
11.45 Welcome remarks
12.30-1.15pm Working lunch
1.15-5pm Roundtable activities and workshops
5-6pm Networking reception

Why cash transfers?

We are interested in technology and policy that promotes sustainable food production and has a positive social impact.

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