Richard Duffy

Foresight Researcher

Richard is responsible for monitoring new developments and trends in science and technology, and researching prizes relating to challenges within high tech and natural science sectors, mostly in the New Frontiers strand of the Challenge Prize Centre’s work.

Before joining Nesta, Richard worked for several years in business intelligence consulting in emerging physical and life science technology sectors. Prior to that he lived for 18 months in Japan, studying Japanese and working for a love hotel company (it’s a long story). He has an MCHEM (Master of Chemistry) from the University of Oxford and an MSc in Science and Technology Policy from the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex, where he was awarded the Oldham Prize for outstanding dissertation.

In addition to science & technology, Richard is also passionate about cinema and in his spare time he produces short films, gets involved in film festivals and contributes to a small independent film label.