Piotr Gierszewski

Foresight Researcher

Before joining Nesta, Piotr worked in a research capacity as a technology scout for a science commercialisation consultancy and was a postdoctoral life scientist at the University of Cambridge. His research career started at UCL with a BSc in Molecularly Biology followed by a PhD in Biochemistry at Cambridge, UK.

His passions for research and entrepreneurship inspired him to co-found the Innovation Forum, an accelerator of deep-science ventures and a grassroots network bridging innovators with industry and policy leaders, which exposed him to the process of technology transfer, science commercialisation and protection of intellectual property. Piotr has worked in various roles in the Innovation Forum, from a Strategy and Development Officer to a Co-organiser of the annual Innovation Leaders Conference.

Piotr is a fire performer specialising in poi spinning and fire breathing (though less so since he grew a beard), loves nature and spending time outdoors.

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