Olivier Usher

Research Manager

Oli is Research Manager, helping identify and flesh out new prize topics and providing input into the design and development of the Centre’s prizes.

Prior to joining Nesta, he was Communications Manager for the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at University College London (writing about everything from nanotechnology to cosmology), and a Public Information Officer for the European Space Agency, where he coordinated media relations for the Hubble Space Telescope in Europe.

He has also worked in a variety of jobs in journalism and editing – including a stint at the political magazine Tribune – and co-authored a popular science book, The Universe Through the Eyes of Hubble. He sits on the general committee of the British Science Association.

He holds a First in History and Philosophy of Science from UCL and a Master’s in History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine from Cambridge.

Outside of work, he enjoys cooking (preferably with lots of cream and butter, influenced by the French side of his family), Belgian beer and learning Italian. In his misspent youth, he was one quarter of UCL’s first ever team to reach the final of University Challenge.


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