We believe in sharing our expertise so that people have the right tools and knowledge to create, adopt and adapt new ideas.

challenge prizes graphic

We help people and organisations understand how to become better at challenge driven innovation.

We support the implementation of challenge prizes and share best practice methodologies.

Human-centred design

We believe that end users are the protagonists in designing a prize, and we encourage organisations developing challenge prizes to have that at the forefront of their thinking. We are committed to applying new ideas where there is a real need and demand.

Facilitated workshops

We work with different stakeholders to design, learn and share knowledge. We deliver workshops challenge prize methodology, including problem definition, stakeholder mapping, strategic communications and impact measurement. Techniques to share our learning include co-creation, group training, 1-2-1 sessions, training the trainers and mentoring.

We deliver training

How can you run your own prizes?

We provide training to share our knowledge and support organisations to design and run challenge prizes.

We provide ongoing support

How can you learn and improve what you do?

We can help you from inception to final reporting, with preparation, support materials and exercises to suit your audience along the way.

We provide easy-to-use tools

How can you support good practice within your organisation?

We have developed our own methodology and can produce tailored practice guides, instructor guides, workbooks and toolkits to suit your organisation.