Prizes do not exist in a vacuum. The changes they promote reflect choices and priorities for future, while supporting a path to progress in the present.

We use a range of research techniques to fully understand future and present technical, political and social challenges.

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At the foundation of all the Centre’s prizes is robust foresight and research, supporting the identification of present and future challenges that incentivise visionary new ideas.

Foresight: Shaping the future

The Centre’s work is not just about solving immediate problems, but of taking a strategic and long-term view of the future. We look into long-term trends, stay abreast of developments in science and technology and keep track of current research into social needs.


challenge prizes research graphic

Convening power

Through events and our network of experts, funders and policymakers, we develop ambitious visions of the future and identify key areas in which challenge prizes can help unlock new ideas. We bring together stakeholders and the public to think about challenges in creative ways.

We explore the problem

Do you need to learn more about a challenge you’re interested in solving?

We review the evidence to understand who the problems affects, market failures, and social, political and economic implications.

We talk to experts and users

What does the problem community say and do?

We focus on the need for new solutions by working with stakeholders, learning about cutting-edge research and considering best practice.

We look ahead

Do you want to ensure your work stays relevant?

We look to new trends in society and technology to identify barriers and the next generation of prizes that can solve them.