We collect and look at evidence to know if an approach has worked and learn how to improve and adapt our methods.

challenge prizes impact

We know how to collect the most relevant evidence to determine the impact of a prize.

It’s about more than whether the problem has been solved. We also look at changes in awareness of the issue and the potential of new solutions to grow and be sustainable.


We are committed to developing and delivering results-based programmes that can lead to real change. We know which methods best help understand whether intended outcomes have fallen short, been achieved or been surpassed.

Continually learning

We believe that the most effective way of improving practice is by learning from our experiences and those of our fellow practitioners. We appreciate all opportunities to share and learn.

We measure our impact

How do we know the impact of our prizes?

We have developed a set of tools and approaches to measure the success of prizes we have run.

We measure your impact

How can you know the impact of your prize?

We can help you use the impact measurement tools we have developed to measure the success of your past and future prizes.

We share best practice

Do you want to know what has made some prizes more successful than others?

We don’t keep evidence to ourselves. Understanding what works and what doesn’t is valuable to anyone wanting to have real impact.