We design prizes that target the identified problem, achieve the desired impact and capture the imagination.

challenge prizes design

Launching a successful prize requires much more than a good idea and a splashy announcement. Getting it right involves making informed choices in order to attract and enable the most capable innovators.

A successful prize reflects a carefully constructed design, which relies on a good understanding of root causes of targeted problems, associated stakeholders, and the market incentives that drive current behaviour.

Design principles

Our team has designed several prizes at national and international scale. Our methodology works through all the different aspects of the challenge, such as staging, incentives and communications to ensure the intended outcomes.


challenge prizes design

Planning for success

Once a challenge is designed, ensuring the best plan for execution can make or break it. We have built a wealth of experience in matching resource to intention to develop effective implementation plans for our own challenges and for clients.

We test and refine

How do you float your idea with experts and stakeholders?

We convene and consult with relevant communities to test different approaches to the prize, ensuring an informed final design.

We design

Have you considered how you will determine a winner?

We come up with realistic criteria, assessments, judging and scoring to attract the right innovators to your prize.

We plan

Have you thought about how to best implement your prize?

We ensure effective implementation through well planned budgets, resource, communications, events and timelines.