We believe in delivering prizes that have a tangible impact on society.

We also support organisations to adopt and implement new ways of tackling the issues that matter to them.

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Even the best designed prizes will fail if administrators are not equally diligent about implementation and execution. This is knowledge we have been gaining and sharing for several years.

Flawless execution

Our team brings experience in implementing a diverse set of prizes across various technical, scientific, and social issues throughout the world. Our refined and tested delivery methods provide comprehensive management in understanding issues, communicating with and attracting the relevant solvers, and evaluating impact.

Supporting growth

Our team understands what it takes to get solutions into the market. A successful solution will not have the desired impact if it is not sustainable and scaled, and we understand how to introduce solutions into the market and to potential investors who can help make them market-sustainable.

We implement

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Our clients include government agencies, the private sector, foundations and everyone in between. We have delivered small-scale prizes to grand challenges of £10 million.

We advise

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We’ll use our skills to support you in achieving your goals. Effective collaboration is a fundamental principle of success.

We showcase

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The Challenge Prize Centre Platform is the place to make your challenge visible, manage submissions and promote your prize.