We champion the use of challenge prizes to tackle timely issues through innovation.

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We collaborate with partners to strategically incorporate innovation to achieve goals. We support our clients through consultation, implementation and training in five areas.

What problem do you want to solve?

Our multidisciplinary innovation team can work with you to understand present and future challenges in order to develop programmes that incentivise ground breaking and impactful innovation.


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How do you make your challenge prize effective?

Our team brings experience implementing a multidisciplinary set of prizes around the world. We also provide an online platform for those seeking innovative solutions from the crowd, and are also committed to training so that you can deliver an optimal challenge prize.

Want to sponsor a prize and change the world?

We are always looking for ambitious new partners for our future prizes. If you are committed to enabling a change in your field of interest, from sustainable fish farming to assisted technology for the elderly, then we may well have a prize for you.

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We unwrap problems to establish whether a challenge prize is the right mechanism.

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We design prizes that target the identified problem, achieve the desired impact and capture the imagination.

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We deliver prizes that have a tangible impact on issues of global significance.

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We learn from evidence to maximise impact.

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We believe in open knowledge to collaborate and share expertise.

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Get in touch if you’d like to work with us, remembering that prizes pay for success and impact.