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Meeting the growing demand for protein means the way we farm animals has to change.

Despite falling birth rates, the world’s population continues to rise, and is projected to hit 10 billion in the second half of this century. Meanwhile, economic growth and rising living standards mean people expect a better diet than their forebears.

Protein, an essential component of a healthy diet, is difficult to produce. Our main food crops are relatively low in protein, and much of the world’s demand is met through animals, both farmed and wild. But farming of animals is inefficient, and animals compete with humans for much of their diet.

Solving the challenge of extra protein for human diets will therefore come in part from finding new and more sustainable ways to produce meat and fish.

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Fossil fuel aviation is not sustainable.

Aviation is one of the most difficult areas to address in terms of global emission targets.

In the long-term, aviation should become a zero-emission industry. Existing zero-emission demonstrators have no impact on the aviation industry, because there is currently a gap in technology maturation path between the demonstrator stage and
general aviation.

Our vision for flight will be to incentivise the development of zero- or reduced-emission flight in the near term, in an aircraft that can scale up and influence the whole aviation industry by 2025.


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